Recessionista’s Fashion Guide – Top 3 Versatile Fashion Essentials For Summer 2009

How can you update your look with just 3 items from Spring/Summer 2009?

Let’s take a look at what Nina Ricci, Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Dior have to offer and how we can adapt the trends for our summer wardrobes.

Nina Ricci is known for romanticism. Feminine clothes that indulge the girl in you. At Nina Ricci Spring/Summer 2009

Sheer is in. With clothes merely a wisp of fabric. Chiffon gowns with gorgeous sheer, frilly skirts in the form of long trains stole the show. Worn beneath a satin jacket, the look was fairy-tale princess gorgeous.

Translate that to everyday summer wear. Strappy tops and shorts, summer’s staple were given that fairy tale princess touch through the play of fabrics. A sheer chiffon strappy top is paired with satin shorts for that wearable, ethereally beautiful effect that is perfect for summer.

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Show offers something edgier.

Again, sheer is in. This time, as sheer wraps, sheer chiffon dresses that are ethereally beautiful and cool enough for summer’s heat. The opening number showcased a red chiffon asymmetrical dress draped on a dancer/model’s body. The sheer, silky fabric was worn over models’ shoulders as a cape that trailed in a sensual, superheroine manner.

Shoes were high with straps winding sexily around the ankles.

Looks like ankle wraps, a sexy take on high heel shoes that is big this season.

Pants are fluid. Flowing as you walk. As feminine as a long, flowy skirt, but more subtle. Far from androgynous. This season’s soft flood pants hug the woman’s figure and show off her legs beautifully.

At Christian Dior Spring Summer 2009 show, black and white are the big colors of the season.

Shoulders are exaggerated with large sleeves.Jackets or halter tops are worn with short skirts. The waist is defined with belts over the tucked-out blouses or dresses.

Exaggerated shoulders go very well with skinny pants. Hmm.. you can get that look by sewing shoulder pads into your existing jackets. Pair those jackets with a new pair of fluid, leg-hugging pants for a similar look. No need to buy those jackets or skinny pants if you are short of cash.

Sheer dresses are gorgeous as are the sheer skirts in basic colors like black, white and nude.

Shoes are high, with straps wrapped around the ankle.

Dresses are minis with layers of sheer chiffon as the skirts and with sheer bodices.

Based on Nina Ricci for feminine romanticism, JPG for the edgy look and Dior for class, what are the 3 items to buy to update your look for summer 2009?

1. A sheer skirt

Sheer chiffon is cool and ethereally beautiful. Perfect for summer. Update your wardrobe with a sheer chiffon miniskirt. It would update your summer tops instantly.

Neutrals like black, nude and white are the most versatile as they go with all your tops. But if your tops are mainly neutrals, try a shock of color for your sheer skirt to spice up your look. Coral, royal blue and canary yellow are great colors to go for if you have plenty of white, black or gray tops. A sheer skirt that matches an existing top would give you the look of those gorgeous sheer dresses.

2. Ankle wrap high heel shoes

Get a pair of strappy high heel shoes with straps that wrap around your ankles. One way to look fabulous is to dress from shoes up. Start with your gorgeous new strappy heels and your summer dresses look sexier. Instantly.

3. A fluid pair of pants that drapes your body.

Forget about androgeneous. Go for a silky pair of pants that hugs your figure and drapes your legs, moving fluidly as you walk for an ethereally beautiful effect. Again, black, white and nude will give you the most mileage, but you could be adventurous and go for color. Just make sure your pants are in a color that goes with most of your tops. Even with your modified jackets for spring (sew in the shoulder pads yourself and save money)

Top 5 Old Fashioned Dating Tips For Men That Actually Work!

Old Fashioned Dating Tips for Men

Try this one out for me. Do a quick Internet search for the phrase “dating tips for men” and tell me what you come up with. If you did it right, you will end up with a bunch of web pages telling you at least a hundred different tips and tricks to use on a date.

Logic will tell you that with all the information provided to you, there will be some conflicting and confusing details. Do you really have to read through all of these tips and tricks just to make sure you find a great woman?

Not at all.

Although I may have something that will really knock you off your socks. A tactic that will surely net you the best woman. It’s not even that hard. The secret? Go old school!

Yep. Old fashioned dating really works wonders. If you are wondering what I mean when I say old-school dating tips for men then here are some tips you might want to look into.

Make Your Intentions Clear – Nowadays, dating is a bit more complicated. You could basically ask somebody out without making it clear if it’s a date or not. If you want to go old school, make sure the other person knows and understands that you are going out on a date. It will feel great for both of you to know where you stand and everything will be much clearer from that point on.

One on One Dates – Go out and enjoy a night with just the two of you. No, I am not saying that you should exclude your friends from the picture physically but through the different channels of technology. Nowadays, we are so engrossed with our phones that we forget that we have a very interesting person at our midst. Turn off your phone, tablet, or any other gadget while on your date and focus on that wonderful person in front of you.

Love does not equate to sex – There was a time when writing a corny piece of poetry, or bringing her flowers, and even complimenting a woman’s beauty is considered making love. Make your partner feel loved by doing all these things and more. Don’t just settle with the modern notion that sex is the best way to show the other person that you love her.

Holding Hands – Yep. Being a bit touchy (in the right way) can go a long way. Holding a woman’s hands is a surefire way to show her that you like her without being to overtly sexual about it. Going slow and letting some innocent physical contact is more than enough to show affection during the earlier parts of the relationship without jeopardizing your fragile emotions up until the two of you are ready.

Slowing down – When you ask your parents or older siblings about the way dating was done before, you might automatically think it was boring. But the fact that modern dating is too fast becomes the very reason why a lot of relationship fails. Too much, too soon is what they always tell us. Wade in slowly and surely. This way you can be sure of your feelings and have a much more solid foundation for your future relationship. So gentlemen follow the old fashioned dating tips for men and watch your success with women increase and get the results you want!

Petite Woman’s Fashion Guide

Before taking baby steps into the world of petite fashion let us crawl back to the definition of “petite” as the apparel industry understands it. Petite means anyone of height 5′-4″ or less. Petite women don’t necessarily have to be dainty, wispy like Nicole Richie. A petite girl can be of any body shape – rectangular, bell or curvy. However, they are some basic guidelines that can help petite women of any shape look taller.

Of course you may be petite and not want to look taller. However, they may be some situations when some added visual height will add to your personality. For example, at a job interview a taller woman usually has the first advantage over her petite competitor.

They are many ways to add length to the petite frame but the most important word in the petite girl’s fashion diary is “fit”. Whatever piece of garment it may be, it should fit right. You don’t want it to cling to your body but rather drape and skim your curves to give the impression of a long silhouette. You will naturally find better fits in the petite section of stores.

Wearing a single color from top to bottom adds length to any frame. However monotone dressing need not be drab and boring. You can effectively pair a red or blue dress with nude leggings and pumps. Naturally, a darker shade will make you look slimmer and thus taller. Insert texture to monotone outfit to add interest. A black silk jersey dress with black leggings and black textured leather shoes always works. Alternatively, you can slightly vary the saturation of the color in the different pieces of your outfit.

Look for fitted shirts and jackets. Avoid shoulder pads as they will add volume to your upper body thus throwing the proportion of your frame off balance. Ideally your shirt, blouse or tee should just graze your hip but never fall below it or else your legs will look even shorter. Do not tuck in your shirt as it takes away precious inches from your torso. Avoid longer jackets, tunics and oversized tops since they are prone to overwhelm the petite frame.

The eye travels along the lines of your outfit. Therefore vertical lines add length whereas horizontal ones add width. Vertical lines can be added through stripes, seams and details. It is common knowledge that vertical stripes make you looks taller but be cautious not to overdo it. Vertical stripes on both top and bottom will be too overwhelming and very broad vertical stripes will look disproportionate on the petite frame. Vertical princess seams that are not interrupted by other fashion details like pockets add length as do fashion details like buttons, prints, sequins and ribbons when applied in an uninterrupted vertical line.
For more interesting options look for diagonal stripes or chevron stripes which create a series of flattering V-shapes that make petites look longer and leaner.

Keep it simple not to overwhelm your frame – less frills, ruffles and pockets. Prints and patterns shouldn’t be larger than your fist. Florals and paisleys that start at the hem and work their way up look great on the shorter frame. Empire waist and wrap dresses work great for petites since they raise the waist and add length to the torso. Dresses and skirts with slight flair that graze the knees work best for the petite girl. Avoid those that end mid calf since they will make you look squat. If you have well toned thighs go ahead and flaunt them in short skirts and dresses but avoid a length that ends across the thickest part of your thighs.

Long shorts ending above the knee look best on the petite girl. Though capris are generally touted as the petite girl’s foe, go ahead and wear them as long it’s a slim fit and ends just below your knees. Strappy sandals paired with long shorts or slimmed crop pants look very elegant. However athletic shoes by adding bulk around your ankle do just the opposite.

Flat front low rise pants create a longer and leaner form whereas high waist trousers and jeans cut the body in half. When choosing pants fit is of utmost importance. Pants shouldn’t be saggy around the butt or crotch. If you are a petite girl with long legs buy regular pants since petite pants usually have a shorter waist-crotch length. Wear straight leg jeans with slight flare at the ankles. The hem should fall just over the top of your shoes but not hide the front part of them. Avoid flared pants since the extra volume will make your legs look shorter.

For obvious reasons, heels are the petite girl’s best friend. However, please stick to low and medium heels. Anything over 3″ will make you appear disproportionate. Avoid ankle straps since they interrupt the long leg line. I know you are lusting those gladiators so if you must pick one with thin dainty straps in a color close to your skin tone to cause least damage. Blending shoe color with your pants creates a seamless long line. Black pin striped pants with black pumps never fails.

Please remember you do not need to wear heels always. For a night out at the movies with friends or a day at the beach go ahead and wear your cute flats and comfy flip-flops.

Even though chunky belts are a rage, stay away from them. Thick and chunky belts cut the body in half thereby making you look squatter. Instead wear simple belts hung low on the waist.

When it comes to a handbag chose a shape opposite to your body shape. Medium sized hobos and satchels work best. A bag too small overemphasizes your size and one too large overwhelms it. If you are round petite look for square and rectangular bags; if you are lean petite go for round bottom bags. If you want to carry a clutch for a special occasion keep it in your hand, never tuck it under your arms.

Necklaces or scarves hovering around your collar bone keep the attention to your face. A single exotic piece will create a point of interest near your face as opposed to layers of chunky strings.

However, the greatest asset for a petite girl is her attitude -let that add all the panache that your height cannot. Stand tall and proud.

Full Figured Woman’s Fashion Independence Part 1

Some people view a full figured woman as being less competent, less intelligent than a thin woman. But a full figured woman is a valuable person with a lot to give her family, friends, and community. When a woman realizes and accepts that fact, she will be a much happier person.
The essence of a woman is not her looks; it’s an attitude, flair, a presence. The way a woman carries herself says to the world what she thinks of herself. This study is not written about dieting to change your life style. It is to help you find the YOU inside yourself that you may not have discovered yet, and to help you make the most of what you can be. Many full figured women seem to be masters at mediocrity, spending time buying, dressing and looking the way they are expected to. You may feel stuck where you are, but you can change, and making changes is the only way to accomplish what you want. It is my sincere wish that I can help you master the art of ‘Fashion Independence’, and that you will enjoy every moment of the experience of accomplishing it.

Do you know your ‘Clothing Personality’? We all have one, but many of us don’t know how to identify it. That’s what this study is all about. Helping women come to terms with who they are, and making the best of themselves in a ‘fashion sense’. As you read, you will begin to see yourself in one or another of the ‘Personalities’, and hopefully learn to make the most of what your have to work with.

A few years ago a study was made that found the impact we make on each other depends 55% on how we look and behave, 38% on how we speak, and 7% on what we say. So if you expect someone to believe you are successful, creative, approachable or whatever, your image must say this before you even open your mouth! If your image conflicts with your message, you will have a huge chore getting the right message across.

At some point in our life, we all have to look at ourselves and make hard decisions about who we are and what we really look like. That’s the hard part. Facing reality…admitting we have those extra pounds that make us ‘Full Figured’. For some of us, there’s no struggle with the admitting, we just look down and there is this big body we have to deal with every day. And the best way to deal with it is to make the most of what you have! Just because your body isn’t ‘Ideal’ doesn’t mean you can’t look perfect.
Start with an honest look at yourself in a full length mirror. Stand in your bra and panties. It may not be a pretty site, but you can see everything that make you…you. I have to say at this point that you need a good bra to begin with. I know personally there is nothing sexy about support bras, or what I call ‘Industrial Strength Bras’. They are not light and lacy or very fancy, but if you need a support bra, and don’t wear one, no matter how nicely you are dressed, it really takes away from the look of being well dressed. There is nothing sexy about a large busted woman with her breast hanging nearly to her waist! It’s fine to wear lacy undies in the bedroom, because you don’t need support in bed. But being all loose and floppy can ruin the effect of an outfit you spent good money on!

Now, look at your body. Is your neck long, short or average? Are your shoulders square, or sloped or just rounded: are they wide or narrow? Is your bust average in proportion to the rest of your body: or small or large: are your breasts close together or far apart?

How about your midriff? Is it one continuous line from your bust to the top of your legs? And what about your hips-round, or flat? Your legs, are they longer from the knee to the hip; or longer from knee to the ankle? Or are they average?

You need to learn how your body features can help you arrive at the best look for you. The sooner you understand and accept your body type, the happier you will be. Trying to wear boy-cut clothes when your figure is shaped like an hourglass can result in disappointment. You will look your best when you dress to enhance what you are instead of trying to be what you are not. Make the most of your uniqueness!
Part 2 will be ‘Fashion Personalities’.

Women’s Clothing – Top 5 Summer Fashion Styles

Are you looking for a stunning outfit that is guaranteed to get you noticed this summer whether it be a casual get up compiling of a tank top and shorts or a completely out there style plastered in neon?

This summer’s fashion is a medley of bright colors and patterns with an array of shapes and styles. Bright dazzling neon and stunning, gorgeous skin-showing lace to sleek and sexy office wear are seen everywhere this season whether it is on the high street, at a special occasion or sat in the office.

Most women tend to stray away from certain styles or colors but why not try and break from the norm. Even though a change can be daunting it can also be classed as a positive step and can make you feel more confident. So why not dive in with some lace halter necks or some neon tights and break away from the background? With all these different trends running to the front of fashion this season it is impossible to write about them all, so I am going to stick with the top five styles for summer fashion this year.

1. Go Bright – Neon Styles

Neon has always been recognized as a raver’s choice of fashion, however with them bouncing into the limelight this season it has become a fashion choice for everyone. Neon fashion covers everything from the tradition accessory glow-stick bracelet all the way to luminous yellow and pink skinny fit jeans, most of which are in an abundance of designs. So whatever your choice in style it is certain that neon will make you stand out in the crowds. If you do not feel brave enough to go head to toe neon then why not just accessorize your outfit with a neon bracelet or necklace? Both of which are a favored accessory this season. Why not contrast a bright neon pink leopard print vest with a pair of plain black skinny jeans? Not only are they both comfortable items of clothing but they also complement each other greatly.

2. Stay feminine – Lace Styles

From the 17th century lace has been a feminine fabric used to decorate all sorts from royal ruffs to table tops. Over the centuries it has never lost its touch and gone out of fashion. It has always been kept in the shows and on the catwalks from the Moulin Rouge in Paris in 1926 all the way to Prada and Louis Vuitton in 2012. A well-recognized and well-respected fabric, lace is and always has been the style to own and this season even more so than ever with lace back dresses giving that cheeky showing of skin and halter necks soaring into the forefront of fashion it is not surprising how lace has been taking the summer of 2013 by storm. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to wear a full lace summer dress then why not wear a little black number with a small but cute lace collar?

3. Be Sexy – Open back Styles

Yes! Sexiness is the look every woman wants and why not grab everyone’s attention with a stunning open back dress? With a mass array of lengths, colors, patterns and fabrics to choose from, finding that perfect open back dress for you is a walk in the park. For that sophisticated occasion, whether it be a wedding or a formal party, why not accessorize a small capped sleeve, black, cross over, open back dress with a gorgeous silver and gemstone back drop necklace? Not only with this get you noticed at all the parties but it also adds definition to a feminine figure beautifully and brings attention to the waist and shoulder blades. Different shapes of open back dresses can provide different images. A peep hole open back or side back give that cheeky feel to a glamorous dress whereas halter neck, full open backs can give a more elegant look to the whole outfit. Be careful with shapes and styles though, a wrong fitting open back dress can bag and throw out the entire look!

4. Go Casual – Shorts & Tank

For women who prefer the more casual attire shorts and tank tops are the new summer crazes. With combat style shorts in patterns from plain denim to camouflage finding a suitable tank top is a breeze. Even a plain black tank top can draw the eye to any style of shorts, however this seasons tank top favorites are all about the prints. All sorts of designs from stripes and blocks to band logos and obscure objects such as quenchie cups are found on nearly every tank top going. Bringing that casual style and mixing it up with the adolescent fun, any woman can pull of this image and still look amazing.

5. Fashion Office Look

The working woman always needs to look great in the office, but it is not impossible to take this style into the street without that feeling of ‘still in work clothes mode’. A gorgeous black and white pinstripe skirt suit with a satin ruche shirt and complimented by a pair of stunning peep toe wedges can be the head turner you want, giving you a feel of glamour and style and giving the viewer the impression of importance and power. Do not be put off by the idea that business style clothing should stay in the office, get it out there, get it seen and get it to amaze.

To conclude, whether you want a brilliant neon outfit and get noticed on the high street or if you just want a casual short and tank get up but still look great, finding these outfits to suit your shape, style and bank balance is as easy as one two three. Even the sexy and stunning office fashion can be taken onto the streets without fear. Be warned with finding the right shapes and sizes however, a badly fitting garment can never give the look that either you want or that it is designed to give.